Terms and conditions of use

The present document provides for the legal conditions for the access and use of the Internet website http://www.eggup.co. The continuation of the navigation on the present website implies the acceptance of the contents of this document.

A) Premises

  1. The present document provides for the terms and conditions of use of the website http://www.eggup.co (hereinafter also “the Website”) and it has value of contract between the Website and its users.

  2. The Website’s owner, as well as the reference entity for the practice of the activities implemented through the same website, is the Company Eggup S.r.l.s., with registered office in Via Giulio Cesare n. 128, Rome, VAT registration n. 12584791003, in the person of its pro tempore legal representative.

  3. The Website provides to the registered users the possibility to create or strengthen high-potential teamwork. This service is made possible by means of a proprietary algorithm, based on scientific data, named Eggup Matching Engine (EME), which works on the results of the personality test that the users voluntarily submit.

  4. The use of the Website is not allowed to person under the age of 13 years old.

B) Contractual terms and conditions of use of the Website.

  1. The user who transits on the Website and/or visits the pages without registering could not use the Website’s services and could only access to the descriptive parts and to the presentation of the services.

  2. The navigation on the Website implies, for registered users as well as for non-registered users, the authorization to use the so-called cookies.

  3. The user can access to the Website through its own LinkedIn profile, Google+ profile, Facebook and Twitter profile or, alternatively, create a profile through its own email address. In this last hypothesis, the Website asks the user to choose a username and a password. Once the aforementioned data has been entered, the user receives a mail to the email address indicated on the occasion of the registration in order to confirm the same registration. The user undertakes to keep its own password secret as well as to inform the Website about any violation of the security or unauthorized use of its own account, it being understood that the account is the user’s personal profile on the Website, which allows him to access to the restricted area. The registered user undertakes to keep diligently under control the password and, if present, the other data provided by the Website for the access and it is responsible for their possible use by third parties, declaring to expressly release the Website from any liability pertinent in this regard.

  4. At the moment of the registration, the Website asks the user who intends to register to expressly agree to the general conditions set forth in the present agreement, as well as the privacy policy, available through link.

  5. The registered user can terminate the relationship with the Website at any time, asking for the cancellation of its own profile.

  6. The Website reserves the right to suspend, at any time and without any notice, and in its unquestionable judgment, the access to the user who violated, or who seems about to violate, the provisions set forth in the present document.

  7. The registered user can customize its own profile, entering personal and professional information, as well as an image/picture. The user can modify all the aforementioned contents at any time.

  8. Entering to its own personal profile, the user can submit a personality test. The delivering of the aforementioned test, as well as the psychological profile resulting by the same test, are verified by a professional psychologist regularly enrolled in the Association of Psychologists. The outlined psychological profile, as well as every personal and professional information entered by the user, could be made visible to other users registered on the Website. Any information related to the psychological profile, is provided for informational purposes only and, thus, in no case it is intended to be relied upon as, or a substitute for, a psychologist expert’s advice. Neither the Website, nor any of its suppliers or licensees, guarantees the accuracy and completeness of the information related to the psychological profile.

  9. Creating an account, you understand that the primary purpose of this site is to educate the public about the importance of soft skills and to let users use the five factor model of personality, and only secondarily, to estimate the respondent's standing within the five factor model. You understand that the program that generates the report is designed to produce estimates that are as accurate as possible, but that measurement error or improper responding can produce inaccurate results. If you think you have answered the items honestly and carefully but your results are inaccurate or not as pleasing as you would like them to be, you will carefully evaluate the validity of the report before contacting us. If you choose to critique the narrative report after having carefully evaluate the validity of the report, you will do so in a courteous and civil manner.

  10. The user, once logged in can complete the test and can download and/or buy the additional services in the Site.

  11. The registered user has the sole responsibility of the contents published on the Website. Thus, making the content available, the user declares and guarantees not to violate the owner’s right on the content and that it has received any possible authorization or exemption. Moreover, the user guarantees that the content does not include or install viruses, worms, malwares, Trojan horses or any other disruptive or damaging content, that it is not spam, nor it is pornographic or immoral. Sending the content to the Website, the user grants to the same website a license effective all over the world, non-exclusive and exempt from rights, to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the content for the sole purpose of visualizing, distributing and promote the user’s page. In case the user deletes some contents, the Website shall perform any reasonable effort to remove them, but it is understood that the cache or references to contents could not be made immediately unavailable.

  12. The Website reserves the right to refuse or remove any content which, according to its unquestionable judgment, violates any provision of the present document at its own discretion and at any time, as well as the possibility to warn the users of these circumstances in the way deemed form time to time most appropriate. The User must regularly examine the Terms of Use to verify any changes. The use of the Website after the notified changes will constitute acceptance of such changes by the User.

  13. The Website shall not be used for purposes different from the ones for which it was created, as well as the information contained in it shall not be used nor copied without the previous authorization of the Site.

  14. The Website is provided “as is” and “as available”, with all faults and without warranty of any kind neither by the Website nor by its suppliers or licensees. Neither the Website nor its suppliers or licensees shall warrant the correct and continuous functioning of the Website. Moreover, the Website does not guarantee that the services offered will meet the user’s requirements.

  15. To the extent not expressly prohibited by applicable law, in no event the Website shall be liable for personal injury, or any special, incidental, consequential damages whatsoever (including but not limited to damages arising from the interruption of services, from the corruption or loss of data, from failure to transmit or receive any data, from the loss of profits or opportunities, etc.). Anyway, in no event the compensation for damages shall exceed the total amount of Euros 50,00.

  16. The user agrees to release and indemnify the Website, its contractors and licensees, as well as their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising from the use of the Website.

  17. The present agreement is governed by Italian Law.

  18. Any dispute regarding the present agreement or connected to the same agreement, which shall arise between the parties, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Rome Court. For any dispute with the customers, mandatory rules on jurisdiction and applicable law shall apply.

  19. The user undertakes to not copy, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, decode, modify the contents on the Website and, in general, its computer data and, in any case, not to interfere in any way with the functioning of the same Website.